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Vietnam Environmental Science and Development Institute (VESDEC) is a Non- Governmental Organization established from the former Environmental Protection Center, set up in 1995. VESDEC has obtained an updated License N 237/DK-KHCN permitted to carry out business in environmental science and engineering in Vietnam and other countries.
The major services in environmental sciences and technology of VESDEC are as follow:
1. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) for development projects and strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for strategies/plans/policies.
2. Environmental monitoring/supervision for regions and/or projects. Environmental audit for international and national projects.
3. Environmental planning to integrate environmental protection into socio-economic development planning.
4. Consultancy in environmental pollution control.
5. Research and consultancy in sustainable development.
6. Training in environmental science and technology.
7. International co-operation in the above mentioned fields.
At present, VESDEC is one of leading firms in EIA, SEA, environmental supervision, environmental planning in Vietnam.


From January to December 2016 VESDEC with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi  and Danang, Vietnam has properly implemented various national and international projects/assignments in research and consultancy in environmental monitoring, impact assessment and training.
The main results in implementation of projects and assignments are  summarized  below.

1. Completion of research on “Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Land Acquisition Policy Framework (LAPF) for the JICA Study “Improvement   of Living Conditions for Workers Around Industrial Zones in Vietnam”.

To improve living conditions for workers around industrial parks in Vietnam Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has supported Ministry of Planning & Investment to prepare a construction plan to establish a worker city in Myhao,  Hungyen province. The study is implemented by a consortium of Japanese consulting firms led by Nine Steps Co. and VESDEC was selected to be a National Consultant in SEA and LAPF studies. VESDEC Dircetor was SEA and LAPF study team leader. The study area is located in Myhao District, Hungyen Province.
From June 2015 to March 2016 VESDEC SEA and LAPF teams have implemented all the given tasks. The SEA and LAPF reports prepared by VESDEC were approved by JICA.

                                     Map of the present study area (left); Survey on the present terrestrial ecosystems (right).

Air  sampling, noise and vibration measurement at the study area (left); Map on the predicted change in air quality at the planned area by 2020  (right).

2. Completion of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Project of Construction of a New International Terminal at Danang International  Airport

Danang International Airport (DIA) is one of the largest airports in Vietnam, but the present terminal will be over loaded in 2016. Therefore, the Government has agreed to build new terminals to serve 20.0 mil passengers, 6.0 mil of which is international passengers, in 2030. AHT is investor. From November 2015 to March 2016 VESDEC (VESDEC director was EIA team leader) has carried out the EIA study, included data collection, field surveys, environmental sampling and analysis; study on prediction of air pollution (by using ISCST3 và AERMOD modeling), aircraft noise pollution (by using ICAO and Japan Lden và WECPNL modeling); study on climate change, green house gases emission; environmental risks and measures for impact mitigation. EIA report and Environmental Management Plan were prepared and approved by Danang People Committee in May 2016.
Thus, in the recent 17 years VESDEC Director and specialists have properly implemented EIA and environmental monitoring for 4 expressways, 5 deep sea port  and almost all airport projects in Vietnam: Longthanh International Airport (JICA study); Tansonnhat International Airport (JICA Project), T2 Terminal - Noibai International Airport (JICA Project), Cantho International Airport and  domestic  airports of Vinh, Phuyen, Buon Mathuot, Dalat,  Pley  Ku,  Condao,  Camau, Phuquoc, Danang (ACV),… Therefore, VESDEC is a leading consulting firm in EIA and monitoring for transport infrastructural development, in general, and airport development, in particular.

Noise and vibration  measrement at the study area (left); Water and aquatic organism sampling at the lakes receiving effluents from the airport (right).


The present Danang Airport and surrounding area from airplane, Dec.2015 (left); The future International Terminal at Danang Airport (right).

Predicted noise levels generated by road traffic in 2030  (left); Predicted SO2 pollution generated by road traffic in 2030 (right).


Predicted noise WECPNL generated by airplane taking off and landing down at the urban area of Danang city, 2030  (left); Predicted noise WECPNL generated by airplane at the whole taking off and landing down corridor, 2030 (right).

3.  EIA Study for the Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Project in Cantho City
This is the largest incineration project in the Mekong Delta with the treatment capacity of 495 ton/day aiming at treatment of almost all volume of municipal solid waste from Cantho city. ECOTECH Vietnam is an investor, VESDEC is an EIA consultant. This EIA has been started from July 2015 and completed in December 2015. Mr. Le Van Tam, MSc. Env. Engineering, was EIA Team Leader. In March 2013 MONRE EIA Appraisal Committee has checked environmental issues of the project at the site.


Location of water sampling and aquatic ecology study sites (left); Air sampling, noise and vibration measurement (right).


Predicted NO2 dispersion area in accident case (no emission treatment (left); MONRE EIA Appraisal Committee has checked environmental issues of the project at the site, Mar. 2016

4. Implement of External Environmental Monitoring for the ADB Funded “Benluc- Longthanh Expressway Project - Construction Stage”
The  “Benluc - Longthanh Expressway Project” funded by ADB and JICA (Japan) with a cost of over USD 1.7 billion is the most expensive road transport project in Vietnam.  This includes construction of 58.5 km of 4 lane road and construction of 2 very large bridges and a number of small bridges. VESDEC was selected by ADB and Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC) to be an Independent Environmental Monitoring Consultant in a duration of 5 years (2015 -2019). Each year VESDEC mobilizes 1 international environmentalist, 3 national environmentalists and some supporting staffs for this assignment.
From March to April 2016 VESDEC monitoring specialists have  conducted data review, field surveys at 7 construction packages and public consultation to assess the compliance of the Project Management Unit (PMU), the Contractors and Environmental Monitoring Consultants with the ADB requirements in the EMP.
From the data and information obtained VESDEC Team has prepared  reports on the results of the environmental supervision. Evaluation of the compliance of the relevant units is detailed and clear. The reports (English and Vietnamese, 350 pages/each) was submitted to ADB and VEC in June 2016 and approved by ADB/VEC in October 2016.
                                                                   Alignment of Benluc- Longthanh Expressway 

VESDEC environmentalists checking environmental management document of the Construction Supervision Consultant and Contractors (left);  Supervising a batch plant of Package A2-1; March 2016 (right).


Checking wastewater management at a batch plant at Package A2-2 (left);  Interviewing a household owner living closely to construction site of Package J3 (right). 

 Hazardous waste (oily waste) is improperly managed at Package J2 (left); Proper domestic solid wasre segregation at Package J3  (JV Sumitomo, right).

5. Participation in Sida Programme: Internatioanal SEA Training for Asian Countries (ITP SEA 2015B) in Hoian City
This international training is funded by Sida (Sweden), NIRAS is  a consulting firm. In 2015 VESDEC has cooperated with NIRAS to implement a SEA training programme for Asian Countries in Halong, Vietnam.  In 2016, continuing coopearation with NIRAS VESDEC has provided specialists/lecturers and conduct some parts of the international training programme lasted from 16th May to 27th May 2016 in Hoian City, Vietnam. The lecturers in the programme included Gunila Wingkwit (Sweden), David Annandale (Canada), Jiri Dusik (Czesk); Le Trinh, Do Thanh Bai, and Pham Anh Dzung , Tham Hong Phuong, Nghiem Ba Hung (Vietnam). 27 participants from 5 Asian countries have attended the programme.
The programme combining lectures, group works and field trips to the Vugia – Thubon river basin to study on impacts from hydropower master plan and to the costal line in Hoian to study on impacts of climate change.


Disscusion on SEA experiences, Hoian city (left). Participants and lecturers visiting a hydropower plant in the Vugia – Thubon river basin, Phuoscson district, Quangnam province, May 2016 (right).


Observing the impacts of Dakmi 4 Hydropower Plant on the environment, May 2016  (left); Coastal line in Hoian city strongly eroded by sea waves is under protection by sandy sacks, May 2016 (right).

6. Completion of Project of Preparation and Conduction of Programmes on  “Training for Community Leaders in Environmental Management” for Longan Province
The project with the above title has been approved by Longan People Committee in 2015. VESDEC was selected to to prepare lectures and conduct training for community leaders of the province. In 2016 VESDEC has prepared 26 lessons in environmental regulations, waste management, rural environmental management, urban environmental management, community participation, environmental monitoring, impact assessment, cleaner production, climate change etc. Three training programmes have been impelemented in October 2016; over 100 participants for social organizations, districts have attened the training programmes.

Certificates are awwarded by Vice-Dirctor of Provincial Department of Natural Resource and Environment to a group of participants (left); Lecturers and members of the Organizing Committee (right).

7.  Environmental Supervision for Trungson Hydropower Project (WB Project)
The Trungson Hydropower in Thanhhoa province is a biggest project in hydropower development financed by the WB. AECOM – New Zealand is a main Construction Supervision Consultant and VESDEC is a sub-consultant in external environmental monitoring (from 2012 to 2019).  In 2016, VESDEC continues mobilize its environmentalists led by Nguyen Minh Giang, MSc. Env. Engineering, to conduct daily environmental supervision at Trung Son Hydropower project. At the moment, there are two main Contractors for main works including the civil construction of Joint-venture of Samsung C&T and Electric &Mechanical Powerchina. Supervision of EMP compliance consists of erosion control; dust emission control; noise control; blasting management; earthworks, cut and fill slopes; borrow pits management; disposal of construction waste; waste management; prevention of pollution; landscaping; safety and worker health; worker camps management and community relation.
Beside supervision onsite, environmental consultant attended the weekly or monthly meetings with the Client, contractors, World Bank, EVN, Genco2, another independent environmental consultants. Generally, the Contractors comply with the EMP, and meet the environmental requirements of Vietnam as well as requirements of World Bank.

               Panorama of the main works, May 2016  (left); Waste disposal site was rehabilitated (right)

           Earth works cause soil erosion and air pollution (left); Environmental training for workers (right).

8. Preparation of Environmental and Social Guidelines for Small Hydropower Projects in Vietnam (SECO/WB Project)
Vietnam is endowed with rich potential of small hydropower  (SHP) with more than 1,000 sites under 30 MW totaling capacity around 4,000 MW were assessed technically viable, which could significantly contribute the RE targets. It is estimated about 190 SHPs has been developed and 456 other SHPs are under preparation with total capacity of 6,349 MW.
The SHPs are required to comply with the Government requirements on environmental and social aspects as specified in relevant Laws, Decrees and Regulations. Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) thus wishes to develop environmental and social safeguard guidelines for application by all SHPs in Vietnam improving the safeguard compliance and sustainable development of SHPs to further boost up the small hydropower development in Vietnam. The guideline is expected to be issued under a MOIT decision. VESDEC was winner in bidding to implement this assignment. VESDEC director is study team leader.
From the first week of May VESDEC with participation of environmental, ecological, hydrological, hydropower and social experts has conducted field surveys at 3 selected SHPs at Tobuong (Sonla province), Banang (Nghean province) and Sontay (Quangngai province). After revision of the draft Handbook on the Environmental and Social Guideline based on the comments from relevant organizations, agencies, the Handbook was accepted by MOIT, WB, SECO.  Two training workshops were held in Hanoi on December 21st to 23rd, 2016 to transfer the “Environmental and Social Guidelines” for environmental managers, investors, contractors, consultants and donors in small hydroplant development in Vietnam. The project has been completed successfully.

VESDEC Consulting Team at construction site of Banang Hydropower Plant, May 2016 (left); Downstream of Banang Hydropower, May 2016 (right). 

“Death river” created by Dakling Hydropower Plant (Quangngai), May 2016
(left); Consultation with Thai ethnic people about social impacts of Tobuong Hydropower Plant, May 2016 (right).

9.  Study to Prepare Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Master Plan for Use of Vietnam Sea by 2050 and Implementaion Plan for Period 2017-2015”
Vietnam Sea is wide in area and importance in natural resources, socio-economy and national defence. However, at present sea use is not rational, causing adverse impacts on marine ecology and economic development. Additionally, international marine transport, activities of the neighbor country and climate change increase the environmental problems to Vietnam Sea.
To meet the demands of socio-economic sustainable development, conservation of the coastal and marine ecosystems and avoid conflicts in sea use MONRE given to General Department of SEA and Islands of Vietnam to prepare a Master Plan for Use of Vietnam Sea by 2050  to be approved by the National Assembly.  VESDEC is responsible to conduct strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for this Plan.
In cooperation with Prof. Pham Ngoc Dang and Dr. Tran Viet Lien the VESDEC SEA specialists have properly implemented this SEA study. In November 2016 SEA report was approved by General Department of SEA and Islands of Vietnam and in December 2016 this SEA was approved by MONRE.

SEA study indicates that urban, industrial, tourist development are major impact sources to the coastl environment.

Oil spill prevention and response (left) and remote island environment conservation (right) are some of issues, concerned in SEA study.

10.  Writing a book of “Environmental Planning: Theory and Experiences”
Environmental planning (or environmental protection planning) is one of the new issues guided by the new Vietnam Law on Enviornmental Protection (LEP, 2014). However, in the World as well as in Vietnam it is a new in terms of study scope, approach, methodology and practical application, creating difficulties in integration of environmental consideration into regional developmement planning. In order to enhance capacity in environmental zoning and planning for Vietnamese reasearch institutions and specialists to comply with the requirements in the LEP Prof. Dang Trung Thuan and Prof. Le Trinh – experienced experts in environmental planning study - have cooperated to write a book with the above title. This book, included 375 pages, has been published in December 2016 by “Science & Technology” National Publishing House. The book presents all important issues of environmental planning: Oveview on International Concepts and Practical Application of Environmental Planning; Methodology of Environmental Zonning and Planning; Environmental Mapping etc. Especially, the authors have summaried  the results of environmental planning for 3 typical provinces: Thainguyen – a province in the Northern Mountainous Region; Danang – a coastal city in the Central Region and Tiengiang – a Mekong Delta province to demonstrate the best methods and application of environmental planning for different types of natural conditions and socio-economic development.  The book, therefore, is usefull for environmental managers, lecturers and researchers in environmental science.


If environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, environmental surpevision, environmental training for international and national projects are your concerns, please contact:
Institute for Environmental Science and Development (VESDEC):
VESDEC includes:
Head Quarter/Southern Branch: 179, Bachdang, Ward 2, Tanbinh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone: (84-8)38489284; Fax :(84-8)38489285 ; E.mail: vesdec@yahoo.com ; hcm@vesdec.com.vn
Northern Branch: B19, Lot 9, Dinhcong New Urban Quarter, Hoangmai Dist., Hanoi. Phone: (84-4) 22133668; E. mail: vesdec@yahoo.com; hanoi@vesdec.com.vn 
Representative Office in Central Region: 92, Thanhhai, Haichau Dist., Danang City
Phone: 0511-3824547, E.mail : lta78@yahoo.com.vn
VESDEC Director: Phone: 098-2619336; E.mail: trinh.vesdec@yahoo.com and trinhlt@vesdec.com.vn

VESDEC Management Board:

-    Director: Le Trinh, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Senior Environmentalist, Deputy President of  Vietnam Association of Environmental Impact Assessment.
-    Deputy Director: Nguyen Duy Cuong, MSc. Env. Engineering, Director of ENVITECH Co.
-    Director of Northern Branch:  Pham Tien Dzung, MSc., Env. Science.
-    Head of Representative Office in the Central Region: Le Ky Nam, Engineer.

VESDEC Scientific Council:

1.   Le Thac Can, Prof. Dr., Chairman  (Hanoi)
2.   Le Trinh, Ass. Prof. Dr., Deputy Chairman (Ho Chi Minh City)
3.   Dang Trung Thuan, Prof. Dr. (Hanoi)
4.   Nguyen Ky Phung, Prof. Dr. (Ho Chi Minh City)
5.   Nguyen Huu Chiem, Ass. Prof. Dr. (Cantho)
6.   Pham Van Mien, Senior Ecologist (Ho Chi Minh  City)
7.   Nguyen Duy Cuong, MSc. Env. Engineering (Ho Chi Minh City).

Please find more information about VESDEC from website: vesdec.com.vn

Source: VESDEC Office, Dec. 2016

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