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In 2017 VESDEC with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang, Vietnam, has properly implemented various international and national projects / assignments in research and consultancy in environmental supervision, impact assessment and hazardous waste managment.
The main results in implementation of projects and assignments in Quarter 3/2017 are summarized below.

1. Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Project of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 3 (HCMC RR3) – Section 3
Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is the most crowded population in Vietnam with 9 million inhabitants and expected to be 13.8 million by 2025. It is also the most dynamic centre of Vietnam terms of economic development, achieved around 30% of the country GDP.  It is also a transportation center of the Region as well as the country as the Northern and Southern corridor roads of Greater Mekong Subgion and the North – South expressway. However, as a number of vehicles has quickly increased, particularly in the centre districts;  many main roads and national highways has reached the limited transportation threshold. This leads to the results of serious traffic jams, increasing the transportation cost and increased air and noise pollution in the center districts.   Therefore, the investment of HCMC RR3 in the outskirt area of HCMC (figure below) is a stratergical priority in the transportation masterplan of HCMC.

                  The alignment of HCM RR3 (the sections III and IV are in red color) 

The HCMC RR3 consists of  4 sections with a total length of 98.96 km:
Section  I: From Nhontrach (Dongnai province) to Tanvan (Binhduong province): 34.30 km under the financial support of KEXIM (Korea).  The feasibility study of the section has been approved.
Section II: From Tanvan to Binhchuan (Binhduong province): 16.70 km, which is has been constructed and put into operation.
Section III: From Binhchuan to NH22 (HCMC): 19.10 km, funded by ADB, which is under the FS.
Section IV: From NH22 to Benluc (Longan province): 28.86 km, funded by ADB, which is under the FS.
Under a contract with CGG from January 2017 to now VESDEC has carried two separate EIA studies for two Section III and IV of the HCMC RR3, included data collection, field surveys, environmental sampling and analysis; study on prediction of noise and air pollution in the construction and operation phases (by using SOUND 32 for noise and AERMOD for line air pollution); study on impacts of climate change, green house gases emission; environmental risks and measures for impact mitigation. Two draft EIA reports  and Environmental Management Plans were completed on 31July 2017. The EIA reports following the MONRE Guideline will be finalized in November 2017 .


     Location of  environmental sampling sites in the EIA for the Section III (from Tanvan to NH22)

Air sampling for lab analysis, noise, vibaration measurement and aquatic ecological study by VESDEC to identify the present state of the environment at the project areas.

2 of 17 the identified habitats along the project alignment

 Predicted noise levels in 2045 at the Section III by VESDEC

  Predicted dust pollution levels in 2025 at the Section III by VESDEC

Predicted SO2 pollution levels in 2025 at the Section IV     Predicted flooding levels in 2050  at the communes at two Secions III and IV of the HCM RR3 by VESDEC
2. Implement of External Environmental Monitoring for the ADB Funded “Benluc - Longthanh Expressway Project - Construction Stage”
The  “Benluc - Longthanh Expressway Project” funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with a cost of almost of USD 1.7 billion is the most expensive road transport project in Vietnam.  This includes construction of 58.5 km of 4 lane road and construction of 2 very large bridges and a number of small bridges. VESDEC was selected by ADB and Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC) to be an Independent Environmental Monitoring Consultant in a duration of 5 years (2015 - 2019). Each year VESDEC mobilizes 1 international environmentalist, 3 national environmentalists and some supporting staffs for this assignment.
From April to August 2017 VESDEC monitoring specialists have conducted review and give commnents on over 100 environmental reports, prepared by Project Management Unit (EPMU), the Contractors and Construction Supervision Consultants (CSCs), field surveys at 8 construction packages funded by ADB and JICA and public consultation to assess the compliance of them with the ADB requirements in the EMP and Vietnamese Environmental Guidlines.
From the data and information obtained VESDEC Team has prepared  reports on the results of the environmental supervision. Evaluation of the compliance of the relevant units is detailed and clear. The reports (English and Vietnamese, over 500 pages/each) was submitted to ADB and VEC in July 2017 and revised according to ADB comments in August 2017. This independent monitoring report has been cleared and published by ADB on the ADB website.

The Alignment of Benluc- Longthanh Expressway 

Settle pond at batching plant at a construction package was broken  A bridge at Package J3 is under construction

Meeting of VESDEC Experts witth the Contractor J3 ((JO of Sumitomo Mitsui – Cienco4)       Public consultation at a village closed to Package A2.
Thus, in the recent 18 years VESDEC Director and specialists have properly implemented EIAs and environmental monitoring for 5 expressways, 4 deep sea port and  almost all airport projects in Vietnam: Longthanh International Airport (JICA study); Tansonnhat International Airport (JICA Project), T2 - Noibai International Airport (JICA Project), Danang New International Terminal and  airport projects of Vinh, Phuyen, Buon Mathuot, Dalat, Pley Ku, Cantho, Condao, Camau, Phuquoc,…Therefore, VESDEC is a leading consulting firm in EIA and monitoring for transport infrastructural development.
3. Implementation and Completion of  Project for Supporting Models of Safe Management of Wastes Containing Pesticides in Vinhlong Province, Period 2016 -2020
Agriculture is a main economic sector of Vinlong Province in the Mekong Delta. One year in this province hundreds tons of wastes containging pesticides are created, causing harmful impacts to the wild life and public heath.  This type of waste is hazardous one. Therefore, VESDEC was given by Vinhlong People Committee and Department of Natural Resource and Environment (DONRE) to carry out the above mentioned project. The project was started from Oct. 2016 and successfully completed in Oct. 2017.
The project has obtained the following results:
(i) Identification of pesticides commonly used in the province; the ways of pesticide use at 3 typical cultivation areas: rice, vegetable and fruit at 28 communes.
(ii)  Identification of the ways of handling the used pesticide bags at 3 typical cultivation areas: rice, vegetable and fruit at 28 communes.
(iii) Proposals of models for safe handling used pesticide bags, included collection, temporary storage, transport and treatment (incineration).
(iv) Setting up various projects for improvement of pesticide control for rural area of the province.
(v)  Aplication of the proposed models in practice at the fields at 4 typical cultivation communes.
(vi) Organization of various training programs for farmers in safe use of pesticides and handling of wastes containing pesticides.

Un-safe disposal of used tanks containg pesticides  Percentage of waste treatment methods in the Province


Percentage of guidelines for safe use of pesticides, implemented by the authorities at some communes and the whole Vinhlong Province (left); Application of the used pesticide bags management models proposed by VESDEC and Vinhlong DARD on the field (right).

 Organization of various training programs for farmers
4.  Completion of Environmental Supervision for Trungson Hydropower Project
From 2013 VESDEC has assigned continuously staffs (Mr. Nguyen Minh Giang as a team leader and others) to conduct environmental supervision at Trungson Hydropower project as a sub-consultant of AECOM New Zealand.  From early 2017, four electrical turbines had been put in operation and connected to the national grid, met the initial progress of the project. The main items of environmental supervision consist of restoration of cleared areas such as borrow pits, leveling of disposal areas, demolition of the construction offices and camps, landscaping and re-vegetation, collection and treatment of wastewater.
Trungson Hydropower project, of which generation capacity at 250 MW, was the first hydropower project that funded by the World Bank (WB) in which Vietnam site had to meet WB’s strict requirements on Environment and Social Safeguards. During construction phase, the environmental management at the main work of Trungson Hydropower project was well evaluated by the WB.
VESDEC’s staffs had well completed the environmental supervision after 5 continuous years (2013 -2015) at the Trungson hydropower project. Hopfully, from knowledge and experiences, obtained in environmental supervision for this project, in the coming years, VESDEC will receive more contracts with international and national agencies/firms to conduct environmental impact assessment and supervision for hydropower projects in Vietnam and the Region.

     Environmental supervision at a disposal site (left); Safety supervision at an explosive material storage site (right).

               Trungson Hydropower Plant has been constructed and started to operate, 2017

5. Implementation and Completion of EIA for Nuoc Che Hydropower Project
Nuocche hydropower project with a capacity of 30 MW is planned to be build on the Nuocche river – a branch of the Dakmi river, at the upstream of the Dakmi 4 hydropower plant. The project is located in Phuocson District of Quangnam Province in the Southern Central Region of Vietnam.
Under the contract with Green Mekong Co., from September 2017 VESDEC has mobilized a group of environmental, ecological, hydrological and geological experts to conduct field surveys at the project and surrounding areas. The main topics to be studied at the fields are the present state of topography, geology, environmental quality, forest ecology, aquatic ecology, biodiversity,  native ethnic people, socio-economy of the study areas. From October to December 2017 studies on the project impacts on ecology, environmental quality, hydrology, environmental flow, climate change and impacts on the native ethnic minority (Gie – Chieng ethnic), and mitigation measures have been implemented. EIA Report (450 pages) following the MONRE Guideline has been completef in December 2017.
Location of Nuocche Hydroelectric Project in the Vugia – Thubon River Basin (left); Present poor tropical forests at the project area (right).

Present distribution of the main natural habitats at the proposed reservoir (left) Children of Gie Chieng Ethnic (right).

If environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, environmental surpevision, environmental audit, environmental training for international and national projects are your concerns, please contact: 

Institute for Environmental Science and Development (VESDEC):
179, Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tanbinh District,  Ho Chi Minh City and B19, lot 9, Dinhcong New Urban Quarter, Hoangmai District, Hanoi.
Tel: 098-2619336 ; E.mail:
trinhlt@vesdec.com.vn, hcm@vesdec.com.vn and hanoi@vesdec.com.vn 

Author: VESDEC Office,

Source: VESDEC Office, Dec. 2017

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