Vietnam: To improve the capacity of research and supervision on climate change

By 2020, Official Section of Communist Party and Government have set up target to improve the capacity of disasters forecasting and climate change monitoring; build up active society in disaster prevention and climate change adaptation; thereby reducing annual loss of people and properties caused by natural disasters.
In particular, Government Scheme defines the mission: to build and improve the capacity of research and supervision on climate change, warning and forecasting natural disasters to reach the same level as the leading countries in South East Asia.
Meanwhile, continue updating and improving the climate change scheme to assure the reliability, objectivity and specific for the period towards 2030 and 2050.
Besides, the scheme requires expanding, improving and modernizing the system of meteorological-hydrological observation and warning; climate monitoring and warning. In combination, it is necessary to increase the adapting capacity to climate change in agriculture with a view to secure means of livelihood for people.

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Source: (MONRE)