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EIA for Large-Sized Industrial Development Projects

47. EIA for the Project of Expansion of the Hatien Cement Plant to  1.4 million T/y in Ho Chi Minh City, 1994 (Client: Vietnam General Cement Company).
48. EIA for the Mitsubishi project of Construction of Cement Plant With a Capacity of 2.3 million T/y in Thanhhoa Province, 1994. (Client: Mitsubishi Material Corp., Japan).
49. EIA for the Mitsui PVC Project in Dongnai Province, 1994. (Client: Mitsui - Toatsu, Japan).
50. EIA for the OxyChem-Marubenni PVC Project in Vungtau, 1994. (Client: Marubeni Corp., Japan).
51. EIA for the Morning Star Cement Project With a Capacity 1.7 million T/y in Kiengiang Province, 1995 (Client: Holderbank-VCC, Switzerland).
52. EIA for the Vinastar Motor Company Project, 1995. (Client: Mitsubishi Motor Corp., Japan).
53. EIA for the Itochu NPK Fertilizer Project in Baria-Vungtau, 1995. (Client: Itochu Corp., Japan).
54. EIA for the Dungquat Industrial Zone in Central Vietnam, 1995 (Client: MOSTE).
55. EIA for the Yokohama Tyre Production Project in Dongnai Province, 1996. (Client: Yokohama Corp., Japan).
56. EIA for the Hiepphuoc Industrial Park in Hochiminh City, 1996. (Client: Tanthuan IPP).
57.  EIA for the Tanbinh Industrial Park in Hochiminh City, 1997, (Client: Tanbinh PC).
58. EIA for the Laufen - Thienthanh Sanitary Facility Project, 1997 (Client: Laufen, Switzerland).
59.  EIA for the Cargill Food Processing Project in Baria – Vungtau, 1998 (Client: Cargill, USA).
60. EIA for the Binhphuoc Cement Plant, 2.0 mil T/year,2002 (Client: VICC of MOC).
61.  EIA for the Dungquat Industrial Park, 2004 (Client: Dungquat Industrial Park), 62. EIA for the Tayninh Cement Plant, 1.5 mil T/year, 2004-2005 (Client: VICC- MOC).
63. EIA for the Binhminh Cement Plant,1.2 mil T/year in Hoabinh province, 2005 (Client: VICC).
64. EIA for the Anphu Cement Plant 1.5 mil T/year in Binhphuoc province, 2008 (Client: VPCC).
65. EIA for the Truongthinh Cement Plant, 2.0 mil T/year in Quangbinh province, 2008 (Client: PICC)
66. EIA for the Heduong Cement Plant, 2.0 mil T/year in Ninhbinh province, 2008 (Client: VICC).
67. EIA for the Lime Stone and Clay Mines for the Tayninh Cement Plant (Client: VICC), 2006.
68. EIA for the ESSA Steel Mill, 2.0 mil T/year in Baria-Vungtau province, 2007  (Client: ESSA Vietnam Co, India).
69.  EIA for the Guanglian Stell Project, 7.0 milion T/year (largest in South East Asia), 2010-2011 (Client: Guanglian (Vietnam) Stell Co., Taiwan).
70. EIA for LPG Port and Store Plant Project in Longan province, 2011-2012 (Client: VINABENNY JV Japan-Vietnam.

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