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Provision of environmentalists for international projects

A number of VESDEC’ specialists have been enrolled to be environmental consultants for various international consulting firms in implementation of the following international projects.
1. WB - UNDP’s Project “Mekong Delta Master Plan - VIE87/031”, 1991-1993 (Client: International Consultant: NEDECO, the Netherlands).
2. DANIDA’s Project “Water Resource Development of the Srepok Basin”, 1994-1995 (Client: KOWI - Krguer).
3. ADB’s Project RETA - 5552 “Marine and Coastal Environmental Management in the South China Sea”, 1996 (Client: EVS, Canada).
4. AIDAB’s Project of  Master Plan for the Southern Economic Zone, 1996, (Client: Kinhill, Australia).
5. WB’s Project of Barren Land Development, 1996 (Client: WB).
6. WB’s Project of Inland Wetland Environment in the Mekong Delta, 1997-1998, (Client: GEC, Canada).
7. UNDP’s Formulation Mission for Formulation of Project VIE 96/023 and 96/024, 1997 (Client: UNDP-Vietnam).
8. ADB’s Project of Environmental Training for the Greater Mekong Sub-region, 1997-1998, (Client: EVS, Canada).
9.  AusAID’s Project of Evaluation of ASEAN and Australia Economic Cooperation, Phase 3, 1998 (Client: ANUTECH, Australia).
10. ESCAP’s Project on Integration of Environmental Consideration into Economic Decision Making (in the Philippines and Thailand), 1998 (Client: ESCAP)
11. ADB’s Project RETA 5712 - Marine and Coastal Environmental Management in the South China Sea (Phase 2), 1999-2000 (Client: EVS-GEC, Canada).
12. NORAD’s Project – Hazardous Waste Master Plan for the Southern Economic Zone, - NORAD Evaluation Team, 2003 (Client: NORAD, Norway).
13. ADB’s Project - Water Resource Development in the Central Region, 2004, (Client: Haskoning, the Netherlands).
14. ADB’s Project – Setting up Technical Standards for Waterway Transport Projects, 2005 (Client: Indochina Environmental Consultant Ltd., Canada).
15. ADB’s Project TA 4670 (VIE), Environmental Study for the Mongduong Thermal Power Center Project, 2006 (Client: IEC-ADB).
16. DANIDA’ Project-Vietnam-Denmark Environmental Cooperation (Component: Pollution Control at Densely Poor Areas), 2007-2008 (Client: MONRE/DANIDA).
17. ADB’ Project of Renewable Energy for Remote Mountainous and Island Communes (RSC-C80414-VIE), 2008 (Client: ADB)
18. WB’ Project of Assistance for Implementation of SEA for the Master Plan for the Red River Delta, 2008-2009 (Client: WB),
19. ADB’ Project RETA 7155-VIE “Preparing the Benluc-Longthanh Expressway”, 2009-2010 (Client: KEI, Japan).
20. ADB’ Project “Environmental Monitoring for the Mongduong Thermal Power Plant 1”, 2009 – 2010 (Client: Worley-Parsons, Australia).
21.  JICA’ Project “Preparing Longthanh International Airport”, 2011 (Client: JAC, Japan).
22. JICA’ Project “Improvement of Management Capacity in the Water Environment in Vietnam”, 2012 (Client: Nippon Koei, Japan).
23. WB’ Project “ Haiphong City Urban Transport Development”, 2012 (Client: SMEC- Australia).

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