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EIA for Large-Sized Transport Development Projects

1.  EIA for the Soairap Waterway Dredging Project, 1996. (Client: Tanthuan IPC).
2.  EIA for the Baria - Serece Port Project, 1996 (Client: Baria - Serece - France - Vietnam).
3.  EIA for the Mytho Port Project, 1996 (Client: Mytho Port Authority).
4. EIA for the Mythuan Bridge on the Mekong River, 1996 (Client: SMEC, Australia).
5. EIA for the Ho Chi Minh City – Bienhoa - Vungtau Expressway Project, 1996-1997 (Client: Daewoo /Maunsell, Australia).
6. EIA for the WB Project of National Highway N1 Rehabilitation, 1999-2000 (Client: APECO-Maunsell).
7. EIA for the Saigon River Crossing Tunnel Project, 1997 (UK ODA Project), (Client: Maunsell).
8. EIA for the Kyoei-VTS Port in Baria-Vungtau, 1997. (Client: Kyoei Steel Corp.).
9. EIA for the WB’ Project of Rehabilitation of the Southern Waterway and Cantho Port, WB Project, 1999 (Client: PMU-W, Ministry of Transport, MOT).
10. EIA for the Saigon East - West Highway, 1999 (JETRO Project, Client: People Committee (PC) of Ho Chi Minh City).
11. EIA for the JICA’ Project of Cantho Bridge Construction on the Bassac River, 1999-2000 (Client: Nippon Koei, Japan).
12. EIA for the WB’ Project of Vinhdien By-Pass on the Highway N1, 2000 (Client: APECO).
13. EIA for the JBIC’ Project of Development of an International Terminal Area at  Tan Son Nhat International Airport, 2000 (Client: Southern Airport Co).
14. EIA for the JICA’ Project of T2 International Terminal at Noibai International Airport, Hanoi, 2005 (Client: Northern Airport Co).
15. EIA for the Deep Sea Port (100,000 DWT ships) of Vinhtan Thermal Power Complex, 2008 (Client : CSG, China).
16. EIA for the Deep Sea Port (for 150,000 DWT ships) of the Guanglian Steel Corporation in Dungquat IP, 2008 ( Client:  Guanglian Co., Taiwan).
17. EIA for the Trungluong-Mythuan Expressway, 2007 ( Client: PCI, Japan ).
 18. EIA for the ADB’ Preparing the  Benluc – Longthanh Expressway Project 2009 – 2010 (Client: KEI, Japan).
19. EIA for the Energy Port (for 70,000 DWT ships) on the Soairap river, 2010 (Client: VinaBenny Vietnam - Japan JV).
20. EIA for the JICA’ Additional Project of T2 International Terminal at Noibai Airport, 2010 (Client: Northern Airport Co.).
21. EIA for the Longthanh International Airport Development Project, 2010 -2011 (Client: Japan Airport Consultants – JAC).
22. EIA for the Hoalac – Hoabinh Expressway Project, 2010-2011 (Client: Hanoi’ GEXIMCo).
23. EIA for the ADB’ Preparing the Hanoi – Langson Expressway Project, 2010-2011 (Client: Oriental Consultants Co., Japan).
24. EIA for the Phuyen (Dongtac) Airport Project in Phuyen Province, 2012 (Client: Vietnam Airport Corporation).

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