National Research Projects

During last 17 years over 50 National projects in environmental study were fulfilled by scientists of VESDEC. The selected projects are listed below.
1. Study on Self - Purification of the Main Rivers in the Dongnai - Saigon Basin and Proposals of Measures for Pollution Control (National Research Project), 1996.
2. Study on Scientific Backgrounds for Environmental Protection in the Dongnai River Basin, (National Research Project), 1998.
3. Study on Indicators in Environmental Inspection for the Major Industries in Vietnam (National Research Project), 1999.
4. Study to Set up Action Plans for Environmental Protection for Bentre Province (National Research Project), 1998.
5. Study on River Pollution by Toxic Chemicals in Ho Chi Minh City (City Project), 1998-1999.
6. Study on Environmental Problems in Cangio District, Ho Chi Minh City (City Project), 1999-2000.
7. Study on Environmental Planning for Binhphuoc Province (Provincial Project), 2000-2002.
8. Study on Environmental Planning for Haiduong Province (Provincial Project), 2002-3003.
9. Ecological Zoning and Environmental Planning for Haiphong City (City Project), 2003-2004.
10. Study to set up National Indicators for Sustainable Development (National Project), 2003-2004.
11. Study to set up Environmental Standards for Hanoi City (City Project), 2004, 2007.
12. Study for Water Quality Zoning for the River System in Ho Chi Minh City, Using Water Quality Indexes (City Project), 2007 - 2008.
13. Study to Set up Guideline for Chemical Industrial Waste Audit (Ministry Project), 2004.
14. Water Quality Zoning for the Rivers in Hanoi and Evaluation of Water Use of the Rivers (City Project), 2008-2009.
15. Environmental Planning for Thainguyen Province (Provincial Project), 2009-2010.
16. Master Plan for Solid Waste Management for Haiphong City, Period 2012 – 2030 (city Project), 2010 -2011.
17. Protection and Improvement of the Rural and Agricultural Environment in Thainguyen Province (Provincial Project), 2011-2012.
18. Environmental Planning for Tiengiang Province (Provincial Project), 2012.
19-54. A number of projects/assignments have been studied by VESSDEC’ specialists on the state of the environment, environmental quality and recommendation of measures for environmental protection for the following 36 provinces in Vietnam:

Provinces in
 the Mekong Delta
Provinces in
the Northeast
Mekong Region
Provinces in the
Central Region
Provinces in the Northern Region
  Bentre Vinhlong  Ho Chi Minh City Quangngai Hanoi
Tiengiang Kiengiang Binhduong Danang Haiphong
Longan Travinh Binhphuoc Binhdinh Haiduong
Cantho Soctrang        Dongnai Gialai Quangninh
Baclieu Camau
Baria - Vungtau Lamdong

With the results of the above mentioned projects/assignments (N19-54) VESDEC has sufficient data/information on the environmental state and socio-economy of Vietnam which are useful for EIA, SEA studies, environmental monitoring, environmental planning and resource management.

Author: Vesdec