Environmental Supervision for the Trungson Hydropower Project in the Construction Stage

The Trungson Hydropower Project is financed by the WB, therefore, environmental management should be complied with the Vietnamese as well as the WB Safeguard Policies.

To evaluate the compliance of the Contractor with the WB guidelines AECOM – New Zealand, the international consultant in construction supervision, has signed sub-contracts with 4 VESDEC specialists, one of which is national environmental adviser, the other ones are environmental supervisers to implement environmental supervision from 2013 to 2017.
VESDEC team has conducted daily monitoring on air, noise, water pollution, soil erosion, solid waste disposal, sanitation conditions at the main construction works and at worker camps. Daily environmental supervision report is prepared. Thank to the strict environmental supervision pollution issues at the construction site are significantly improved. The environmental supervision is well evaluated by the WB. 
VESDEC environmental supervision team at the project site (left); project office buildings and the Ma river (right), August 2013

Author: VESDEC

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